Software - proven in practice

In software development, we follow three principles that ensure that all applications offer tangible added value for operations. A look at the practice shows the various benefits for the processes around the planning, operation and optimization of on-demand traffic.
Ic zentralitaet


Efficient, error-free handling of all operational processes with just one application

Our OpsControl application provides access to demand management, shift planning and ride management software. Dispatchers do not have to switch between different applications. It also eliminates time-consuming, error-prone downloads and uploads of files between different systems. Overall, OpsControl allows us to speed up workflows and increase employee productivity.

An important basic requirement for the success of our on-demand projects is the seamless integration of locally deployed IT systems and various ride management software systems into our operations management suite. By connecting 3rd party tools and systems, employees at all work levels - from local dispatchers to business analysts - can access the same data and information. Consolidated systems and data, meaningful reports and dashboards provide a holistic view of all operational processes. This enables us to reduce costs, increase operational quality and ensure system integrity.

Ic integration


Connection of all IT systems and various ride management software systems

Ic adaption


Reliable fully automated guidance through complex work processes

Our task and incident management informs our live support staff in real time where, when and what intervention is required. In this way, operational disruptions (e.g., an accident with vehicle damage) can be handled quickly and without errors, preventing lengthy interruptions to operations. Experience has shown that these automation aids also increase the productivity and work quality of the operations team.