Operations management software 

Operations management software

CleverShuttle has developed an operations software suite that enables our on-demand transport solutions to be reliably managed digitally. Thanks to our software, the on-demand transports we operate have been achieving maximum efficiency at minimum cost and the highest customer ratings for years.

  • Shift management
  • Operations management
  • Vehicle management
  • (Driving) personnel management
  • Performance management
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Software with guaranteed success

Our operations software suite is comprised of two self-developed, field-proven applications: OpsControl and CleverPortal. Thanks to these two applications, mission-critical core operational processes such as demand forecast, shift planning or incident management can be controlled from a single source. In addition, the suite offers integration options for relevant 3rd party tools such as Avrios for fleet management and Invers for vehicle telematics.

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Our operations software suite

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The OpsControl web application is used, among others, by operations managers or dispatchers to manage the operations of our ridepooling services.

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Drivers and operations staff can use the CleverPortal mobile app to easily perform administrative, organizational and shift-related tasks while on the road.

Software - proven in practice

In software development, we follow three principles that ensure that all applications offer tangible added value for operations. A look at the practice shows the various benefits for the processes around the planning, operation and optimization of on-demand traffic.

Ic zentralitaet


Efficient, error-free handling of all operational processes with just one application.

Ic integration


Connection of all IT systems and various ride management software systems.

Ic adaption


Reliable fully automated guidance through complex work processes.

Operational core processes & functions

03 Schicht Management

Shift management

From driving personnel to vehicle fleet - deployment planning for all resources

Based on historical trip data and current information (e.g. day of the week, season/ seasonality), our algorithm calculates the forecasted demand for transportation services and develops shift proposals that enable optimal service for passengers at minimal costs (e.g. personnel costs).

The shift proposals of the demand forecast can be adjusted if necessary and drivers and vehicles can be scheduled for the shifts. The software also communicates the final shifts to the ride management software and the driving personnel. In doing so, the software takes into account individual staff availabilities and deployment requests, legal requirements and vehicle availability. Automatic publication via the CleverPortal reduces errors, administrative work, and the coordination effort between dispatch and driving personnel.

The check-in and check-out of driving personnel to and from shifts is logged and monitored by our software system. The software automatically notifies the operations scheduling department of any anomalies and also organizes payroll accounting. The driving personnel are provided with the relevant information, such as the timesheets, via the CleverPortal. 

Operations management

All operational processes easily viewed and controlled from a single source

Our software monitors the setup and teardown of the vehicles as well as the performance of the shifts. When faults occur, the shift incident management system kicks in, provides further information to solve the problem or solves the problem automatically and autonomously. Possible malfunctions include:

  • Insufficient state of charge of the vehicle battery before the start of the shift
  • Late start of shift
  • Short-term illness of employees
  • Vehicle breakdown as a result of accident damage
  • Accident or breakdown during live operation

Thanks to shift incident management, an even larger number of vehicles can be controlled simultaneously by one employee, making processes more efficient and cost-effective.

With the map context view, various components and dependencies of the operation can be easily identified, visualized and communicated. The software enables concrete insights into the operation, e.g.:

  • Position of the vehicles
  • Booking status of the vehicles
  • Loading status of the vehicles
  • Start and destination address of bookings

We can use this information to carry out detailed analyses in the event of malfunction reports or to intervene in operations in a regulatory manner. For example, the software enables various measures such as unlocking vehicle doors, opening or closing windows, but also complex processes such as changing drivers or rebooking orders on other vehicles.

04 Betriebs Management
01 Fahrpersonal Management

(Driving) personnel management

Seamless operational planning and coordination of working hours or vacation days for smooth operation

With the operation software suite, personnel data can be captured, updated and enhanced with important additional data from the HR tool Personio for smooth contract management.

The system can be used to manage all applicable compliance regulations and ensure that all important verifications such as the passenger transport license (P-license), the accident prevention regulation (UVV) or the driver's license validation are documented.

Our software enables the documentation and coordination of staff, the management of working time models and standard availabilities as well as the handling of vacation and sick days.

Fleet management

Digital maintenance and control for a fleet ready for action at any time

Through intelligent automations and interfaces for various external software solutions (e.g. Repairfix for claims management, Invers for vehicle telematics or Avrios for vehicle financing and maintenance), OpsControl enables efficient management of operations. All important processes can be controlled and monitored from one system. This reduces the error rate and ensures uncomplicated handling of cross-software processes and increases passenger comfort and safety.

In OpsControl, the condition of the fleets is monitored in detail and abnormalities are automatically transmitted to the dispatching department. In the event of a break down or when maintenance and repair requirements are raised, immediate intervention is possible. Thereby reliable fleet operation and low maintenance costs are ensured at all times.

02 Fahrzeug Management
05 Performance Management

Performance management

Optimal service quality for passengers, low costs for operators, high satisfaction for employees

Around 70 % of the costs of an on-demand transport system are attributable to personnel. Efficient planning and handling of all standard processes, for example vehicle set-up times before and after the start of a shift or rapid response in the event of unscheduled downtime, means that personnel costs can be steadily reduced.

Our operations software suite extracts operationally relevant data on all ridepooling traffic and driver performance and aggregates it into KPI reports. Through constant tracking of relevant KPI's, our transports always run at the highest level and identifiable optimization potential is exploited.

The satisfaction of our driving staff is close to our hearts. Satisfied employees are demonstrably more motivated, significantly impacting the quality of the service we provide. To maintain this motivation, it is important to constantly obtain opinions from employees, provide constructive and transparent feedback, and to identify opportunities for further development.

Regularly surveying and evaluating the satisfaction of our passengers is an essential part of service optimization.

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Meet the (tech-)team

CleverShuttle is an innovative tech company: To be sustainably successful, you need not only great ideas, but also people who implement them. Over 35 employees work in our international and interdisciplinary team of software engineers, product managers, QA engineers and agile coaches to continuously develop our software.