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Driving public mobility - with smart software solutions

Based on years of experience as a leading operator of demand-responsive transport (DRT), we developed an operations software suite specifically designed to meet the requirements of ridepooling. The software suite aggregates all essential functionalities for the operator in a single tool, partially automating workflows and simplifying decision-making processes. This enables us to operate our on-demand transports with maximum cost efficiency and high service quality for passengers.

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Driver-based ridepooling

Successful ridepooling services for urban and rural areas are due to the optimal interaction of various IT systems and apps – and our well-trained and motivated driving personnel.

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Autonoums ridepooling

We are making the mobility of the future an everyday reality with autonomous shuttles. Alongside our partners, we are working on the nationwide expansion of public shared mobility.

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The use of disruptive business models and new software technologies in public transport has been a rarity so far. At CleverShuttle, we are already consistently focusing on pioneering software solutions, such as autonomous vehicle technologies, our unique operations software suite or the best ride management software on the market.

Jörg Braner - CTO & CPO at CleverShuttle

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Driver-based ridepooling

The key of driver-based ridepooling services is the optimal organization and coordination of all essential operational functionalities.

For example, personnel and vehicles must be deployed as efficiently as possible, while providing the optimum service quality for passengers at minimal costs to the operator. In addition, incidents during live-operation must be solved immediately and optimizations need to be implemented seamlessly.

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Our software solutions

At the heart of our complex software ecosystem is an in-house developed operations software suite and a ride management software, which we source from one of our experienced software partners. As part of our full-service offering, we provide a turnkey software solution for demand responsive transport operations.

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Operations management

With our in-house developed operations software suite, we manage complex on-demand services reliably and from a single source. This includes the following services:

  • Shift management
  • Operations management
  • Driver management
  • Fleet management
  • Performance management

All benefits at a glance

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Central control

Efficient control of the entire ridepooling operation from a single source

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Service quality & cost efficiency

Minimum operating costs with maximum service quality for passengers

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Complete digitalization

Digital "user experience" for passengers and driving personnel thanks to mobile apps

Ride management

The ride management software from one of our experienced software partners organizes all processes related to the ride. It handles the booking process, passenger communication, calculates routes and controls the driving personnel.

  • Passenger app
  • Driving personnel app
  • Matching & routing
  • Payment management
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Autonomous ridepooling

CleverShuttle already organizes the digital operation of driver-based ridepooling. In the future we will also integrate autonomous vehicles into existing fleets. Autonomous shuttles revolutionize public transport as they enables the widespread expansion of public shared mobility.

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Public transport of the future: Autonomous driving

We were the first company in Germany to bring on-demand ridepooling to Germany's roads. From the very beginning, our goal has been to make environmentally friendly, attractive mobility available to everyone. Autonomous driving will bring us even closer to this goal: We will make autonomous shuttles a part of everyday life as early as 2023.

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Meet the (tech-)team

CleverShuttle is an innovative tech company: To be sustainably successful, you need not only great ideas, but also people who implement them. Over 35 employees work in our international and interdisciplinary team of software engineers, product managers, QA engineers and agile coaches to continuously develop our software.