Ride management software

Ride management software

The ride management software from one of our experienced partners includes all the applications needed to implement rides for on-demand services:

  • An app for passengers
  • An app for driving personnel
  • A technical solution for the intelligent bundling of journeys
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Customer app

Passengers can book their journeys at any time via the customer mobile app. They can see immediately how long they will have to wait, what charges will apply and how quickly they are expected to arrive at their desired destination.

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Driver app

The app for the driving personnel shows the driver's requests for rides and guides them along the best route to the passengers using the navigation system.

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Matching & routing

Ride requests and available vehicles are matched by an intelligent matching algorithm. The routing optimises the passengers' journeys in order to bundle as many journeys as possible.

Short distances despite ridepooling

In order for on-demand services to be efficient and environmentally friendly, a majority of the journeys should be bundled. It is important for the ridepooling concept to choose routes that are as short as possible so that passengers arrive on time and enjoy maximum comfort. Intelligent routing algorithms ensure that this balancing act is successful.

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Combinable & integrated

A wide variety of fare and price logics can be mapped in the ride management software. It is also possible to integrate the fare structures of the local transport company into the system.

Managed from a single source

If the operations management software and the ride management software harmonise smoothly, it is easier to provide passengers with a high quality of service and keep operational costs low. With full-service tenders that consider a joint integration of both systems from the beginning, transport companies can ensure smooth operations of their on-demand services.

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