The possibilities of integrated on-demand software

As a full-service operations provider, CleverShuttle delivers software for smooth implementation of your on-demand service.

Operations management software

Our in-house developed operations software enables on-demand transport to be managed with reliable digital support – including the components driving personnel, fleet and all operating processes. The software suite enables all services we manage to achieve maximum efficiency and high customer ratings.

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Ride management software

The ride management software incorporates the technical solution that puts the ridepooling concept into practice: An algorithm bundles the ride requests and navigates riders to the respective start and end point of the booking. Passengers can book rides and get all relevant information about prices, waiting times and arrival. For this we use the expertise of one of our experienced software partners.

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CleverShuttle is not only the leading provider of a software solution for operations management, but also offers the corresponding ride management software solution with a passenger and driver app from a single source as a full-service provider if required.

Collectively strong

As a full-service provider, CleverShuttle enables smooth planning and implementation of your on-demand service.

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Guaranteed interaction

CleverShuttle offers an operations & ride management software from a single source - preventing friction losses. The interaction and a technically deep integration of the two software components are elementary for the optimisation of service quality and costs.

Creating interfaces

Interfaces between the two systems ensure that ride requests can be carried out reliably. If interfaces are not available or are inadequate, this can impair service quality and efficiency.

Facilitate optimisation

With integrated software modules, you can track time expenditure and costs and adjust operating procedures accordingly. Such adjustments in regular operation are more difficult with separate software solutions.

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