Vehicle fleet, charging infrastructure & depot

Vehicle fleet, charging infrastructure & depot

On-demand transport services fully utilize the possibilities of digitization. However, without the appropriate "hardware" - i.e. the vehicles, local depot and offices and the charging infrastructure - even the most modern on-demand service cannot go live.

Vehicle procurement

CleverShuttle procures the vehicles for your on-demand fleet prior to the service launch. We take care of smooth operations, ensuring that your fleet is cost-efficient and ready to go on time. Thanks to more than nine years of experience in commissioning, we have a large manufacturing network and are very familiar with the regulatory and legal requirements. Our partners benefit directly from our know-how - especially against the backdrop of the current challenging supply chains and timescales.

Our services

  • Vehicle procurement
  • Vehicle conversions for people with reduced mobility
  • Registration and licensing of vehicles
  • Selection of insurance cover
  • Provision of fuel and charging cards
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • If desired, we can also use the client's existing vehicles
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Ic elektromobilität

Pioneer in the field of electromobility

CleverShuttle is the only on-demand provider to rely entirely on electric mobility. We are therefore very familiar with all the requirements that on-demand services needed for electric vehicles. We advise you on the composition of an optimal electric vehicle fleet and ensure that it is available to you in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

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Local depot and office

Every on-demand transport service requires a local depot where vehicles are charged, cleaned and maintained. For the drivers, too, the local office is the most important contact point. This is where they start their shifts, take breaks and keep in touch with the team. We support you in your search for an optimal location that meets your individual requirements.

Charging infrastructure

Just like the depot location, the charging infrastructure also has a major impact on the efficiency of your operation. Our team of experts will take care of the procurement and installation of the charging infrastructure for you. In doing so, we adapt the infrastructure perfectly to your local needs and circumstances: through intelligent planning, demand forecasts, utilisation analyses and data on electricity capacities.

Our services

  • Finding suitable locations for the local depot and office, negotiations and planning
  • Procurement
  • Exchange with the relevant contacts (e.g. electrical contractors, grid service providers and licensing authorities)
  • Commissioning & operation
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