Operational control, optimization and reporting

Operational control, optimization and reporting

High transparency thanks to digital control: With our operations management software, we constantly monitor and optimize ongoing operations. In addition, we provide our partners with valuable data and insights to optimize their on-demand service.

Holistic operations management

Thanks to our operations control app OPS-Control, our local teams on site ensure that shifts run smoothly and are available to drivers in the event of technical difficulties and accidents during operating hours:

  • Operational view with real-time positions, registered drivers and current deployment planning
  • View loading statuses and ranges
  • View current shifts and working hours
  • Link to ride management software systems
  • Correction of working times
  • Comment functions
  • Incident management
Ic optimierung


An on-demand transport system must be financially viable and at the same time provide a good level of service to its passengers. To achieve this, it is necessary to adapt the parameters of the on-demand system to local conditions. We define these parameters at the beginning in consultation with the locations and take over the ongoing optimization for maximum project success.


By integrating our tools, you can create comprehensive reports that combine all available data. The software minimizes the synchronization effort and the susceptibility to errors.

  • Monitoring
  • Operational optimization
  • BI integration
  • Demand forecasting through BI
  • Optimized shift planning with direct upload to the shift planning tool
  • Payroll

For detailed information on the optimization possibilities of on-demand transport, please refer to our white paper.

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Parameters of on-demand services

Ic ridepooling

Waiting time

The most important operating parameter for passengers is waiting time. During the booking process, the customer decides whether or not to accept the trip proposal, and longer waiting times can influence the customer’s decision to proceed with the offer. At the same time, longer waiting times can lead to higher costs for the operation of the service.

Ic geld sparen


Whether it’s classic public transport fares, fares with low comfort surcharges or premium fares - price has a significant influence on the use of the new service. Setting the price is therefore one of the most important control variables of an on-demand transport service.

Ic kalender uhr


Passengers can place and pre-order a trip request several days in advance. This convenience feature offers planning reliability.

Ic monitoring

Demand and passenger behavior

Demand for on-demand services is not consistent, but varies over the course of the day, week and year. Accurate forecasting of demand is critical to profitability, and CleverShuttle has developed an algorithm to predict the trends in ride requests.

Ic kunden nachfrage

Supply quota

In scheduled services, it is common to have an obligation to carry passengers. However, in demand-responsive transport, supply and demand should be balanced at all times. Therefore, a supply quota is set in place of an obligation to transport passengers.