Fleet management

Clever fleet managment

CleverShuttle offers software-supported processes & tools for efficient vehicle control, optimal charging management as well as maintenance and administration of the fleet.
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Fleet management

Our fleet management tool helps to record the condition of the vehicle fleet, ensure high operational availability and reduce costs for maintenance, breakdowns and repairs.

  • Inter-company management
  • Create, manage and archive vehicles
  • Availabilities (operational, workshop, inactive)
  • Allocation to services
  • Damage recording ​
  • Active vehicle distribution

Charging management

When using electric fleets, optimal charging management is crucial. Our software controls vehicle deployment so that charging cycles coincide with break and shift changes. This ensures that the vehicles scheduled for deployment are fully charged and ready for use on time. To carry out the operational charging management, the drivers are supported by the control centres, which order an unscheduled charging process if necessary based on the charging statuses transmitted by the vehicles.

In general, the following priority is given to charging operations:

  1. Charging between shifts
  2. Charging during the legal rest period at the place of work
  3. Unscheduled charging
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With our software we record the live condition of the vehicles. The effort required to manage, maintain and repair the vehicles is reduced to a minimum, assisting in keeping costs low.

Included software service
Through telematics and recording in our software, we always have the fleet status in view. This enables safety and seamless communication between the driving personnel and the control centre during driving operations. Services such as maintenance, driver working hours and compliance with specifications are recorded via our system.

Damage management

Safety is our top priority. The CleverShuttle system immediately notifies the local control centre in case of necessary repairs or accidents. Real-time data on journeys minimises the risk.

Reliable, even when the going gets tough: If an accident or damage occurs, CleverShuttle takes care of the repair and handles the exchange with insurance companies and legal representatives.

  • Vehicle safety
  • Digital monitoring
  • Repair order
  • Insurance management
  • Legal processing
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