Driver management

Efficient operations for control centre and drivers

In addition to reliable working conditions, our software solution CleverPortal, developed especially for our drivers, also contributes significantly to a good and appreciative working atmosphere.

Training & further education

With the CleverSchool, we have set up an in-house training concept that covers all relevant processes for training and further education. Consistent processes and training materials enable us to guarantee high training standards regardless of location.

  • Software training
  • Behaviour towards passengers
  • Vehicle characteristics & operation
  • Driving safety training
  • Driving style and safety
  • Dress code
  • Transport of persons with reduced mobility
  • nstruction on local specifics
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Our app for drivers

Our driver software CleverPortal is a one-stop tool for our drivers that simplifies all work processes and creates maximum transparency. Drivers can use the app to view and record all information relating to their work at any time.

The CleverPortal offers our drivers the following possibilities:

  • View their work schedules
  • Record working hours, cash receipts and tips
  • Unlock the vehicle
  • Check the vehicle at the end of the shift
  • Review of working hours including history and corrections

Staff retention

​The satisfaction of our drivers is CleverShuttle's top priority. Experience has shown that job satisfaction of drivers is one of the main factors for high productivity in the service. Key drivers for job satisfaction are:

  • Compliance with social regulations, i.e. working and rest time guarantees (the aim is to ensure the health and safety of the drivers)
  • Clear and binding communication, including clearly communicated expectations
  • Transparency and reliable working conditions
  • High reliability of the employer, especially with regard to sensitive issues such as working time calculation, tips or payroll accounting
  • Involvement and as much consideration as possible for staff in terms of shift scheduling
  • Regular feedback meetings
  • Fair pay, employment subject to social security contributions, flexible working hours
  • Career and development opportunities for drivers
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