Demand forecast and shift planning

Demand forecast and shift planning

Our shift planning system uses learning algorithms to create shift schedules within minutes that are precisely tailored to site conditions.

Demand forecast

Accurate hourly, location-based demand forecasting is essential for an intelligent, efficient on-demand ridepooling service and the targeted efficient use of existing resources. Only with accurate supply planning the right number of vehicles is on the road at any given time. A continuous demand forecast is a constant evolving instrument. Both to ensure the efficiency and estimate the growth of a service, and to continuously allocate the necessary number of resources and constantly adapt the planning to align with the volatile demand. Based on many years of experience, we can draw on a wealth of data and achieve a forecast accuracy of >90%.

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Dynamic shift and operating planning

Based on the precise demand forecast (by hour), we first model a mathematical shift problem to calculate optimized shift schedules for individual locations. The shift, break and vehicle schedules can also be provided in third-party systems (e.g. IVU or shiftplan).

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CleverShuttle plans up to 20,000 shifts per month. Thanks to the CleverPortal, most of the coordination with drivers is done automatically. This means that we need fewer staff resources for personnel planning and save valuable time.

Ongoing parameter optimization

On-demand transport must be financially viable and at the same time provide a good level of service to its passengers. To achieve this, it is necessary to adapt the parameters of the on-demand system to local conditions. Highly volatile demand and different operational framework conditions are a challenge for shift and deployment planning. Ongoing optimization of all parameters enables continuous improvement of the shift planning. CleverShuttle analyses all empirical values from live operations and uses them for ongoing parameter optimization and maximum project success.

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Accurate demand forecasting is a must for efficient on-demand transport. Due to many years of experience, we can draw on a wealth of data and thus achieve a forecast accuracy of >90%.

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