Customer support

All-round service with CleverShuttle

Whether in the shuttle or on the phone – CleverShuttle offers high quality of service and friendly staff. On clients request, we provide the entire communication with passengers. This includes answering enquiries, being available at all times in case of problems and finding solutions quickly.

Multi-channel support

For all enquiries regarding the use of the DRT service or lost items, we offer various options for customer support. These include uncomplicated contact via a service hotline, the mobile app and e-mail, as well as through online chat and social media channels.

Ic kontakt 2

Service hotline

Passengers can contact us with their concerns by telephone.

Ic email


Concerns can easily be sent to our customer service by email.

Ic kommunikation 2

App, social media & more

Our customer service can be easily integrated into the passenger app. Enquiries via social networks, chats and the like are also possible.

Service level agreement

The service level defines the continuous quality of service to which our customer support is responding to enquiries and complaints. This includes, for example, the average response time, the first time resolution (the proportion of concerns that can be resolved with the first response) or customer satisfaction after contact with our support.


Through our detailed reporting system for all contact channels, we ensure that the individual requirements for customer care from the service level agreement are met. This also allows us to derive concrete findings for optimization.