HeinerLeiner in Darmstadt

In cooperation with HEAG mobilo

Project description

"HeinerLiner" is the largest fully electric on-demand transport service operated by a public transport company in Germany, and is therefore a flagship project for the widespread use of on-demand transport. The innovative service complements the existing public transport system in Darmstadt and enhances the overall public transport offering. As the contractor, CleverShuttle strives to achieve an optimal balance between service quality and economic efficiency in ongoing operations. With this system, HeinerLiner sends an important signal in the mobility scene and further advances the mobility turnaround.

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Project name: HeinerLiner

Partner: HEAG mobilo

Goal & location: Complementing the public transport system in Darmstadt

Project start: March 2021

Operating area: 120 km2

Vehicles: 36

Our service components

  • Software-based operations control (live operation & dispatching)
  • Driving personnel management
  • Vehicle procurement and management
  • Shift planning
  • Reporting & analysis
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We are happy to have gained such an experienced and successful partner in the field of on-demand transport with CleverShuttle. Together we can lead the project to success and drive the traffic turnaround forward.

Michael Dirmeier
Managing Director HEAG mobilo

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