Pioneers wanted: Our partner model

Our Mission

Clevershuttle Bruno

“By partnering with strong and future-oriented companies, we want to benefit from local know-how and strategic competence and grow to be quicker and more efficient in the future.”

Bruno Ginnuth

Co-founder and CEO of CleverShuttle

Invest in Us, the Mobility of Tomorrow!

As the first shuttle service with official authorisation, CleverShuttle is Germany’s pioneer in the on-demand RidePooling market. Since 2016, we have been providing comfortable door-to-door transport in electric vehicles. Our IT-optimised pooling of passengers with similar routes allows for maximum capacity and minimum detours - as well as affordable fares for our customers. Since starting up, we have used our software on more than 1,1400,000 rides and over 4,520,000 electric driven kilometres and have successfully launched our shuttle service in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Kiel.

Our goal: to launch CleverShuttle as an alternative transport option in several further cities.

Become a Partner

What we offer

As we continue to expand, we will rely on the experience, competence and local know-how of partners. With the CleverShuttle Partner Model, we can offer you a future-oriented business model that is suited towards a successful market launch:

Proven IT System

Intelligent pooling algorithm, optimised routing and automatic scheduling.

A Positive Brand

Not only as a result of winning multiple awards but also of having a positive image with customers, the press and politicians.

Comprehensive Process Expertise

Detailed process manual with the best practice gained from more than 2 years of running the CleverShuttle transport operation.

Reliable Commitments

We guarantee prompt implementation and promote high quality service and long-term vision in our market.

Supra-regional Synergy Effects

Customers are using CleverShuttle in several cities.

Integrated Support Concept

Support for conception, launch, employee training and so much more.

Comprehensive Licencing Support

Passing on our experience and expertise substantiated by a 100% authorisation approval rate.

Pioneers in the Transport Market

Get involved with on-demand RidePooling and you will already be a part of the transport of the future.

Our Tried and Tested Solutions - Three sophisticated applications

Clevershuttle Grafik Anwendungen

Passenger app

Book a Ride Simply and Conveniently

Your customers will thank you for it: the entire journey process from booking to payment takes place via the passenger app (developed for Android and iOS).

Dispatcher App/Web Interface:

Always Stay on Top of Things

With the dispatcher app, you receive real-time information on current operations, KPIs, capacity, drivers’ assignments, communication, etc. Furthermore, you can stay in contact with drivers and passengers.

Driver App:

Navigate Traffic with Skill

The driver app always shows the correct route, even in difficult traffic conditions. And your driver is able to stay in direct contact with customers.

What our Partners Bring to the Table:

CleverShuttle Unternehmer Aus Leidenschaft

Entrepreneurs with Passion

They live and breathe entrepreneurship and would love to implement an innovative concept and shape the urban mobility of the future together with us.

CleverShuttle Knowhow Verantwortung

Know-how & Accountability

They have know-how concerning local transport markets and are motivated to take responsibility for the operational business.

CleverShuttle Finanzstärke

Financial Strength

They contribute at least 1.5 million Euro of seed capital and, if necessary, further assets in order to help build up a new location.

Forerunners, Companions. Onwards with CleverShuttle!

  1. Non-binding First Conversation

  2. Getting to Know Each Other in Person

  3. Service Concept

  4. Implementation and Launch

  5. Ongoing Development

01. Non-binding First Conversation

In our initial, non-binding telephone conversation, we will discuss our vision and our ideas and show you the possibilities for co-operation and answer your questions.

02. Getting to Know Each Other in Person

In a personal discussion at your location, we will present CleverShuttle and our on-demand solutions, gain a detailed picture of the local circumstances and outline the possibilities arising from the partnership we offer.

03. Service Concept

You will benefit from our expertise. Together, we will develop a concept that is tailored to your needs. This includes the defining of the operational areas and hours of business, the planning of the optimal number of passengers and drivers, the determining of the matching parameters in the IT system, the pricing formula and the marketing strategy.

04. Implementation and Launch

We will provide you with everything you need for the seamless launch of an on-demand service. You will receive our tested, ready-to-use IT system. In addition to this, you will be able to rely on our process expertise and our comprehensive support concept for the implementation.

05. Ongoing Development

We will support you in the ongoing optimisation of your service offering, make software updates and always be there at your side after the launch to offer advice.


MADSACK Media Group - the Pioneer in Leipzig and Dresden

On-demand RidePooling is an important component of future urban mobility that has already proven to be a success. We have successfully handed our Leipzig location over to our first co-operation partner, the MADSACK Media Group. Together we plan to build up more locations; next up is Dresden.

Clevershuttle Bjoern Steigert

“As a publishing house of the MADSACK Media Group, we engage with entrepreneurship at a local level. Thanks to our partnership with the on-demand RidePooling pioneer CleverShuttle, we are already investing today in the future of sustainable, urban mobility. Our common goal: to expand this partnership further.”

Björn Steigert

Managing Director of Leipziger Verlags- und Druckereigesellschaft

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