Attractive mobility for urban and rural areas

Attractive mobility for urban and rural areas

Rural areas 

Comprehensive basic supply

There is no train station, the bus comes no more than twice a day: especially in rural areas, the supply of public transport is often insufficient. This is where on-demand transport is valuable. It solves two problems at the same time: it is an efficient alternative to poorly used regular and on-call bus services and can also be used as a flexible feeder to the next connection. On-demand services fill existing supply gaps in rural areas or provide public mobility where none existed previously.

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Urban areas 

Upgrading public transport in the city

Demand-responsive transports (DRT) also provide a reliable and safe public transport service in the cities, both at night and on weekends. In peripheral areas, on-demand services close gaps in the existing local transport offers and create better connections to the city centre. In the city centre, they provide a customised, high-quality mobility offer that substitutes your own car. In this way, they offer an optimal supplement to bus and train - and are the better alternative especially in times and areas of low demand.

Possible use of on-demand transports

Upgrading public transport

by closing supply gaps

  • The use of on-demand services can cover supply gaps in the existing public transport and create new connections.
  • Often, public transport is severely thinned out at off-peak times (e.g. at night). On-demand services also provide a reliable and safe service at times when demand is low.

Expansion of the public transport

by connecting to existing stops

  • On-demand services as efficient feeder services: Passengers are reliably transported to the next connection in regular service or from the station to their home (first and last mile).
  • On the outskirts of the city, public transport is often only available in certain areas – producing a public transport network with significant gaps. On-demand services close these gaps by connecting peripheral areas with the city centre.

Replacement of inefficient lines

by replacing unused lines

  • On-demand services are an efficient alternative to underutilised regular and on-call bus services.
  • Smaller vehicles and demand-responsive use of those reduce costs and emissions.

Public mobility for everyone

On-demand services quickly bring more accessibility to public transport.

  • Accessible vehicles make public mobility services comfortable, easy to use and less inconvenient for people with limited mobility.
  • Senior citizens who do not own a car or no longer feel safe driving benefit from an uncomplicated public mobility service that transports them from door to door with little waiting time.
  • Children and young people who often cannot travel independently of their parents can safely and easily get to school, sports club or other activities with on-demand transport
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