The Loyalty-Program

By awarding CleverPoints as part of our loyalty program, we would like to reward your loyalty, your considerate RidePooling behaviour and your use of offers that make CleverShuttle simpler.

CleverShuttle Bronze

Upon registration

get 50 CleverPoints immediately

CleverShuttle Silber

€ 5 credit

for 750 CleverPoints in 60 days

CleverShuttle Gold

€ 30 credit

for 2000 CleverPoints in 60 days

You are collecting CleverPoints every time you travel with us. If you reach the required score for silver or gold status, you must hold it until the end of the month. If you are succeeding, you will get free credit from us. Earned points expire on the 61st day. You can achieve Gold status more quickly by covering more kilometres, being at pick-up locations on time, storing your payment details in the app, using in-app payment services or simply by writing a review of your ride.

CleverShuttle Registrierung


50 CleverPoints

CleverShuttle Zahlungsdaten

Payment Details

50 CleverPoints

CleverShuttle Pünktlichkeit

Be on time

25 CleverPoints

CleverShuttle Pro Kilometer

Per Kilometre

10 CleverPoints

CleverShuttle Bonuspaket

Store Credit bundle

5 CleverPoints

CleverShuttle Bewertung


10 CleverPoints

Be loyal, it's worth it!

Be Loyal:

Kilometres travelled¹ (10 CPs per km)

Be Fair:

Arriving on Time for your Ride² (10 CPs), reviewing your ride (10 CPs)

Making CleverShuttle Simpler:

Registration (50 CPs), storing payment details (50 CPs), purchasing credit bundles (5 CPs per € spent)

CleverPoints you earn from these actions are instantly credited to your account.

Loyalty Status, Benefits and Credit:


You receive 50 CleverPoints along with Bronze status for registering your CleverShuttle account.


By collecting 750 CleverPoints in 60 days, you achieve Silver status. You automatically receive € 5 credited to your account on the 1st day of the following month as long as you maintain this status until that date.


By collecting 2000 CleverPoints in 60 days, you achieve Gold status and automatically receive € 30 credited to your account on the 1st day of the following month as long as you maintain this status until that date.

How it is calculated:

Your loyalty status is calculated from the CleverPoints you have collected over the last 60 days. That means that within the first 60 days after your registration with CleverShuttle, all the CleverPoints you have collected are included in your loyalty status. 61 days after registering, the points from the first day are deleted and only the points collected from Day 2 to Day 61 count towards your loyalty status. 62 days after registering, the points from the 2nd day are deleted and so on. This means that you won’t necessarily maintain a certain loyalty status indefinitely after having achieved it once. A loyalty status can only be maintained by continually collecting CleverPoints. At the beginning of each month, you will automatically receive credit depending on your loyalty status on this date. You can then use this credit immediately to pay for CleverShuttle rides.

¹ You cannot earn CleverPoints for kilometres travelled if they were paid for with credit.

2 A delay is considered to have taken place if more than 1.5 minutes passes between the arrival of the vehicle and “customer check-in”. Passengers paying with credit are also rewarded for being on time.

³ Paying with credits doesn’t count as using in-app payment services.

Disclaimer: CleverShuttle reserves the right to change the present status of the loyalty program at any time or to end it without offering any reasons for this. There is no fundamental right to maintain valid credit. CleverShuttle reserves the right to review the individual awarding of CleverPoints and to exclude persons from the program for any gross violation (e.g. repeated cancellations, not arriving at pick-up locations, being rude to drivers or other passengers and misuse of the system). All information is provided without liability.