Collect CleverPoints, invite friends, and save money with our credit packages.

Our Loyalty program

Your loyalty will pay off.

We will reward your loyalty, fair driving behavior, and the use of our offers with CleverPoints (CP). If you have a certain number of points at the end of the month, then we will give you credits free of charge. If you reach Silver status, you will get a €5 credit, and with Gold status you will even get a €30 credit. Points expire 60 days after they are obtained. Please refer to the "Loyalty program" menu in the app for your current number of points and your current status.

Clevershuttle clipart medal bronze

Bronze - from 1 CP

Clevershuttle clipart medal silver

Silver - from 750 CP

Clevershuttle clipart medal gold

Gold - from 2000 CP

You get CleverPoints for the following activities.

Collect CleverPoints for the distance traveled, for being punctual, and for other activities.

Registration 50 CP

Punctuality 10 CP

Per kilometer 10 CP

Bonus package 5 CP

Review 10 CP

Payment method 50 CP

This is how you can easily reach Silver status:

You will get the first 100 CleverPoints when you register and specify a payment method. After that, for example, you book eight rides with a length of 6 km each, always arrive at the pickup location on time, review our service, and use our automatic in-app payment function. You will have earned 780 CleverPoints in virtually no time, and we would then give you a €5 credit.

Any questions?

You will find further details about our Loyalty program in our General Terms and Conditions under AGB.


Clevershuttle tell a friend teaser

Invite friends and build up credit.

Get your free credit now.

Tell your friends about CleverShuttle and get 10 euro for each of them using your Tell-a-Friend code. Your friends will also get a 10 euro starting credit for the first ride.

This is how it works:

You will find your personal code in the app menu under "Tell-a-Friend". Just share it with your friends so that they can enter this code in the "Bonus-Code" field when they register. You will be credited 10 euro as soon as they have taken their first ride.

Credit packages

Purchase one of our credit packages and get your bonus credit or pass it on to someone else as a gift.

S package

Pay €20 and get a credit of €22.

(10 % bonus credit)

M package

Pay €50 and get a credit of €58.

(16 % bonus credit)

L package

Pay €100 and get a credit of €120.

(20 % bonus credit)

XL package

Pay €200 and get a credit of €250.

(25 % bonus credit)

This is how it works:

You will find our credit packages in the app menu under "Bonus Packs". Select the desired package and confirm with "Load Credit". If you wish to give away a credit as a gift, simply confirm your selection with "Credit as a Gift". You will then receive a credit code that you can pass on. The code can then be redeemed in the app menu under "Payment and Credit Balance".