About CleverShuttle

  • What is CleverShuttle?

    CleverShuttle combines a personalised chauffeur service with a new RidePooling concept to provide an eco-friendly and affordable transport service. CleverShuttle is a pioneer of new urban transport.

  • What does the CleverShuttle IT system do?

    Our specifically developed algorithm pools passengers with similar routes together in one shuttle and gets them to their destinations. In this way, we limit detours so that a shared ride takes only slightly longer than a direct route. Even if the ride is not shared, the affordable, fixed price guaranteed at the start of your ride still applies.

  • Why is CleverShuttle so affordable?

    Thanks to the RidePooling concept and our clever algorithm, our transport services are particularly efficient. This is how we are able to increase the capacity of our shuttles and reduce the number of empty trips. We then pass the benefits of this efficiency on to our passengers in the form of low fares. And of course, this is also the case even if no ride is shared..

  • What makes CleverShuttle so eco-friendly?

    CleverShuttle is the eco-friendliest transport service in Germany for two reasons:

    1. We rely exclusively on eco-friendly electric and hydrogen vehicles.
    2. The RidePooling concept (that is, the pooling together of passengers) serves to reduce traffic because several passengers share one single shuttle. By pooling passengers together, CleverShuttle is able replace four urban car journeys with conventional combustion engines.
  • Who is behind CleverShuttle?

    The team behind CleverShuttle consists of three old school friends from Berlin who have put their vision of a sustainable and widely affordable transport option into practice. The three founders first won over family and friends with their concept and CleverShuttle, the transport service developed from it, and then moved onto major private investors and strategic investors such as Deutsche Bahn and Daimler Buses.

  • Where and when is CleverShuttle available?

    CleverShuttle is currently available in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Kiel. These locations have the following operating hours:

    More information about our service hours and locations can be found here.

    The operating times and locations will be expanded in line with demand. Read more.

  • Is CleverShuttle a Taxi?

    CleverShuttle is not a taxi; it is a RidePooling transport service licensed as a car rental company. Unlike taxis, spontaneous stops (e.g. at an ATM) and route changes are not usually possible, which is why we are able to offer our customers an especially affordable price.

  • Is CleverShuttle officially authorised?

    Yes. CleverShuttle has all the required authorisations for conducting commercial passenger transport (depending on the location § 2 Para. 6, § 2 Para. 7 and/or § 49 Para. 4 of the German Public Transport Act).


  • Do I need the CleverShuttle app to make a booking?

    Yes. Booking a CleverShuttle is only possible with the CleverShuttle app. The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded at the respective app stores. Our shuttles are unable to spontaneously pick up passengers on the street or without a booking.

  • How can I book a journey?

    Bookings are made in three simple steps:

    1. Enter starting location and destination.
    2. Select the number of passengers, check the fare for the journey and send a booking request.
    3. Confirm your order.
  • How long will I have to wait for a CleverShuttle?

    The CleverShuttle usually comes within a matter of minutes following a booking. The exact arrival time can be viewed on the CleverShuttle app at any time. The waiting time may vary as a result of unexpected traffic or of a shared journey. In this sense, the initial waiting time is more of a guideline and it is important to keep an eye on the arrival time and be on time for your pick-up. Out of consideration for other customers, the CleverShuttle is not able to spend time waiting around.

  • Can I reserve a journey in advance?

    No. Currently it is not possible to order a CleverShuttle in advance.

  • Can I book for someone else without travelling with them?

    In principle you can book for other people, but we would not recommend it. The booking customer should always be one of those travelling and should only book for themselves and other passengers travelling with them. This is the only way to ensure that passengers are at the pick-up location on time, that payment is made for the journey and that the driver can get hold of the passenger in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we must point out here that the owner of the customer account is liable for any costs arising from intentional or unintentional soiling or wilful damaging of the vehicle.

  • Which operating systems work with the CleverShuttle App?

    The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Versions for Windows and Blackberry devices and a browser version are planned in the long-term but a launch date is not yet available.

  • Can I also use CleverShuttle from tablet?

    Yes. If the operating system is either Android or iOs.

  • Why does the number of passengers have to be given in advance?

    Our system uses this information to compare this number with the number of seats in all available shuttles and thus to determine a suitable RidePooling journey and possibly to assign an additional, suitable passenger to the shuttle at a later point in time.

  • Why are there meeting points or areas at central locations such as train stations?

    At certain central and crowded areas (for example train stations), we have set up so-called meeting points so that it is easier for passengers and drivers to find each other. If the starting location or the destination are within one of these crowded areas, the CleverShuttle app sets a corresponding starting location or destination from the pre-determined meeting points. A possible pedestrian route from your position to the meeting point will be shown in the app.

  • Why is there a 20 second countdown to confirm the booking?

    During the countdown, the selected shuttle is exclusively reserved and is not bookable by other passengers. After 20 seconds, another shuttle might be even more suitable for you, meaning that a different ride could be suggested shortly afterwards.

  • Can I see where the CleverShuttle is?

    Yes. The location of the CleverShuttle is shown in the app in real-time together with the estimated arrival time.

  • Why would I receive a notification that the CleverShuttle can’t reach the target destination?

    This notification usually means that it is not possible at this time for the driver to reach the given pick-up location. The booking is then usually cancelled by the system. In this case, you should make sure that you are in a place that can be reached by car and then make another booking.

  • Why is the tracking process not functioning?

    Error-free functioning of the CleverShuttle app requires the exact tracking of the current location. This tracking is carried out by using the smartphone’s operating system. To obtain the most precise location possible, we strongly recommend that you activate the GPS and WiFi location service on your smartphone.

  • Why are bookings not possible from a specific location?

    There are many reasons why a certain booking won’t work. For example, bookings are never possible with start or end locations lying outside of our operating areas and bookings are also never possible in cities in which our services are not offered. Another reason might be that the provided pick-up location is too far away from the current location making it unlikely that you would be at the pick-up location on time.

  • Can you select a CleverShuttle driver beforehand?

    No. Our clever algorithm decides which CleverShuttle is ideal for the given route at the time of booking. That is why it is not possible to individually select a driver or to save a favourite driver.

  • Is the booking cancelled when you close the app?

    No. The booking remains in place even after closing the app. If you re-open the app, the current booking is shown. The booking can only be cancelled by clicking on the “cancel booking” button. Our tip: it is important to always keep an eye on the arrival time in the app so you that you are able to be on time for your pick-up. The initial waiting time is more of a guideline, which can then vary as a result of, for example, unexpected traffic or a shared ride.

Register/ Login

  • Do I have to register to use CleverShuttle?

    Yes. Since your safety and that of our drivers is particularly important to us, only registered users can use our service. The registration also offers you many advantages. You can:

    - refer friends and get bonus credit,
    - purchase discounted credit packages,
    - collect CleverPoints as part of the loyalty programme and receive rewards,
    - store payment data and use it automatically,
    - receive receipts automatically by email,
    - store address favorites and use them for faster bookings.

    Learn more about our offers here.

  • How do I register?

    You can register for free directly in the CleverShuttle app. You only need to enter your name, e-mail address and the telephone number of the mobile phone you are using. After registration, you just need to verify the mobile telephone number by entering a PIN which will be sent via SMS to the stored telephone number. After this, you can log into the app, book a journey and benefit from all the additional advantages offered to customers who have registered with CleverShuttle.

  • Wie kann man das Profil bearbeiten?

    Das Kundenprofil kann bequem im Seitenmenü in der App bearbeitet werden. Hier können neben Kontaktdaten oder Adressfavoriten auch individuellen Präferenzen (wie Redseligkeit oder maximale Wartezeit) geändert oder hinterlegt werden.

  • How do I request a new password?

    If you forget the password to your CleverShuttle account, a new password can be requested via the “forgot your password?” button on the log-in screen. The password is then randomly generated by our system and sent to the e-mail address stored in our system. We recommend that you enter this newly generated password into the app promptly and then set a new password.

  • Why would a device or customer account be blocked?

    Out of consideration for other guests and to guarantee the quality of our services, we reserve the right to block customer accounts for doing damage to the business, for example through repeated no-shows, systematic misuse of credit promotions, multiple accounts or for harassing, or damaging the property of, drivers and passengers. Our customer support team will work to support you should you feel that your account has been blocked unfairly. Customer support enquiries can be made via support tickets in our app (under Feedback & FAQ in the app menu) or via e-mail to support@clevershuttle.de.

  • How can I change an incorrect telephone number?

    If you supplied an incorrect telephone number during registration, you can easily login with your given email address and change the phone number manually in your profile. You can complete the registration with the verification code you will receive on your phone. Please note: As long as the phone verification process is not completed, you will not be able to book a shuttle or purchase credits.


  • How much does a journey with CleverShuttle cost?

    CleverShuttle is one of the most affordable shuttle services in Germany. The fare is calculated using tiered kilometre prices and it is also dependent on the number of seats booked. The fare formula is based on the local pricing level of other transport providers, which means that the price varies slightly by location. You will not be billed for any possible delays to the ride caused by traffic or detours to pick up further passengers.

  • Is a fare provided for the journey?

    Yes. This is shown before departure and won’t change as a result of traffic or other delays. Thanks to the fixed price guarantee, there is always complete transparency in terms of costs.

  • How do I pay?

    You can always pay for the ride in cash to the driver or conveniently via the CleverShuttle app with a credit card, PayPal or credit. Registered customers can store various payment methods in the app and automate the payment of fares (under the “Payment & Credit” app menu item).

  • In the event of a shared ride, do you pay towards the detour?

    No. You only pay for the direct route between the start and end points you have booked. Any possible detours from a shared ride are not charged for.

  • Do you issue receipts?

    Yes. As a registered customer, you can get a receipt for every ride with CleverShuttle that was paid for in cash, by credit card or by PayPal. This can be ordered for each ride with one simple click in the app under the “Your rides”. menu item. The receipt is then sent to the stored e-mail address. The billing address can be stored individually for each payment method under the “Payment & Credit” app menu item. Our tip: you can activate the automatic delivery of receipts to the stored e-mail address under the “Payment & Credit” app menu item. Receipts for cash payments can also be issued by the driver.

  • What happens if the fare exceeds the available credit?

    If the fare exceeds the available credit, the remaining balance can be paid in cash or via another payment method.

  • Why can’t I use credit to give a tip?

    It is not possible to use credit to give a tip because credit is either earned from a promotion or the loyalty program without a cost being incurred, or from a discounted credit bundle. As a result, credit has only virtual, or more precisely, no comparable, real monetary value and can therefore not be used as a real tip for our drivers.

  • What happens if I can’t pay a fare?

    If for any reason you can’t pay a fare, the driver is required to terminate the ride with the note “not paid”. In this case, the customer account is automatically blocked from making further bookings. The block can easily be removed by our customer support team as soon as the fare is paid. Customer support enquiries can be made via support tickets in our app (under Feedback & FAQ in the app menu) or via e-mail at support@clevershuttle.de.

  • What happens if the driver doesn’t have change?

    Please note that for security reasons, our drivers are only able to carry small amounts of change. Should the driver not be in a position to issue suitable change, the driver will terminate the ride with the note “not paid”. In this case, the customer account will be automatically blocked from making further bookings. The block can easily be removed by our customer support team as soon as the fare is paid. Customer support enquiries can be made via support tickets in our app (under Feedback & FAQ in the app menu) or via e-mail at support@clevershuttle.de.

  • What is included in so-called Fair-Pricing?

    At certain locations, we are currently testing a Fair-Pricing system. This means that the fare drops to up to 25% below the standard fare at those times of the day when demand is low. At times when demand is particularly high, the price rises to up to 25% above the standard fare. This is how we will ensure that more vehicles will soon be available to meet the growing demand. In the app, these price adjustments are always clear to the customer at the time of booking.


  • How many passengers share a CleverShuttle?

    This depends on how many other passengers book a similar route with CleverShuttle at the same time. Sometimes passengers might travel in the shuttle alone, but RidePooling usually works efficiently and passengers share the shuttle with at least two passengers at any given time.

  • How large is the maximum detour?

    The detour time calculated for a shared ride is 50% at most. If the ride’s direct route would take 10 minutes, the whole journey with CleverShuttle may not last more than 15 minutes.

  • Why does the driver not wait at the door like a taxi would?

    A CleverShuttle can’t wait longer than 2 minutes because this could inconvenience other passengers who are either a part of the shared ride or who have booked the vehicle subsequently. When passengers are late, others travelling with them or even future passengers have to wait longer. To avoid this situation, the vehicle will continue on its way if a passenger is not found at the pick-up location.

  • How safe is travelling with CleverShuttle?

    Safety is our highest priority. Our professional drivers receive regular training and all of them have a passenger transport licence without exception. The vehicles are licensed and regularly maintained. It goes without saying that every CleverShuttle passenger is insured for their ride. Please understand that we cannot assume any liability for damaged or lost luggage or valuables.

  • Why can’t animals travel?

    Animals leave hair in vehicles which might trigger allergic reactions in other passengers. Because we have to be conscious of other passengers, pets are generally not allowed in CleverShuttles. We make an exception, however, for assistance dogs. In terms of space and ensuring that there will be room for the animal in the shuttle, an additional seat should always be booked.

  • Can I make a short stop at a bank or shop and then continue on my way?

    No. With CleverShuttle, you share your journey with other passengers going to a similar destination. The booking of a CleverShuttle refers to a fixed route, which is used to calculate the journey time and arrival time (even for subsequent passengers). Only stops booked in the system are allowed so as to not to delay other passengers. Of course, any journey can be terminated early. In this instance, the fare would not change and would nevertheless have to be paid in full.

  • Is luggage allowed?

    Yes. Transporting luggage is allowed. In terms of space and taking other passengers into consideration, please note that only luggage which, if necessary, could be transported on your lap can be brought into the CleverShuttle without any additional cost being incurred. An additional seat must be booked for each piece of luggage that exceeds the carry-on dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm or a weight of 10 kg. We are unfortunately unable to transport bulky items and bicycles.

  • Can I bring a wheelchair?

    We would like to offer all passengers a barrier-free journey. You can already take aids such as wheelchairs with you on the CleverShuttle. However, our environmentally friendly fleet has limited storage space. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if not every type of aid can be stowed away without problems. To make sure that there is enough space for your aid, you can simply call our driver. As soon as you have confirmed your ride request, the phone number will be displayed. If there is not enough space, you can cancel the ride free of charge. If someone accompanies you due to your disability, please book another seat on the shuttle. The additional costs will be refunded by our customer support upon request. Simply send an email with a one-time proof to support@clevershuttle.de.

  • Is food allowed in the CleverShuttle?

    No. Eating is not allowed in the CleverShuttle because we want to keep our CleverShuttles clean and keep other passengers’ rides from being less pleasant due to the smell of food.

  • Is drinking allowed in the CleverShuttle?

    Except for water, drinking is not allowed in the CleverShuttle because we want to keep our CleverShuttles clean.

  • How many stops will be made along a single ride?

    This depends on how many other passengers book a similar route with CleverShuttle at the same time and the nature of this route. Normally, the shuttle makes only one stop during a passenger’s route.

  • Can the driver deviate from the planned route?

    Yes, because it often makes sense or is even necessary to deviate from the route originally shown, taking current traffic or possible road closures into account. It is also possible that the original route will be changed in order to pick up a further passenger along the way. Because of the fixed price guarantee, there are never any fare increases as a result of a deviation from the planned route.

  • Under what circumstances may the driver refuse passengers?

    CleverShuttle is a RidePooling transport service. It is especially important to us that both our passengers and our drivers feel safe and secure. With a view to protecting all parties concerned, we reserve the right to exclude passengers from our transport service and to allow our drivers to freely decide, depending on the situation, whether or not they will transport passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other passengers who arouse their suspicions for any other reason. We require respectful conduct between passengers and drivers and we will not tolerate any violations of this.

  • Can children and teenagers travel?

    CleverShuttle naturally also offers its services to children and teenagers. In the case of passengers under the age of 16, parents must be informed of the ride and agree to it. If necessary, contact must be made with the parents in order to secure their confirmation, without which transport cannot be offered. Passengers under 12 years old can usually only travel when accompanied by a parent.

  • Are there child car seats in CleverShuttle?

    A general obligation exists to use child seats in our CleverShuttles. According to this regulation, children under the age of twelve, who are less than 150 cm in height, may only travel on prescribed seats with safety belts. This is regulated by § 21 Para. 1a of the German Road Traffic Act. All our CleverShuttles are equipped with a child car seat (Weight: 1536 kg, recommended age: 4-12 years). Due to space limitations, we ask for your understanding in that we are only able to offer one child seat of this kind. You are of course allowed to use your own child seats or baby carriers. The CleverShuttle driver should be informed upon departure if a child seat is required. Passengers are personally responsible for setting up the child seats and ensuring that children are securely fastened.

Additional Information

  • How can I recruit friends with Tell-a-Friend?

    Registered customers can share a six figure Tell-a-Friend code with their friends from their profile in the CleverShuttle app. The code can be sent from the app via, for example, WhatsApp or SMS. As soon as a friend registers with this code, the recruited friend receives a € 10 starting credit. Once the recruited friend took the first CleverShuttle ride, the recruiter will receive a € 5 credit.

  • How safe is data with CleverShuttle?

    Data and information security was one of the core issues taken into consideration during the design and development of our IT system. We have taken numerous measures (firewalls, encodings, etc) to secure personal data as securely as possible. You can find in-depth information concerning data security here.

  • What can I do if I leave something in the vehicle?

    Our drivers deposit all lost property at the local operating centre no later than at the end of their shift. All items of lost property are stored for 30 calendar days. After this time, the items are handed over to the municipal lost property office. Enquiries concerning items of lost property can be made via support tickets in our app (under Feedback & FAQ in the app menu) or via e-mail at support@clevershuttle.de. Details that should be given in the enquiry include: town, journey time, description of the lost item and contact details. Any unidentified items found in the CleverShuttle should be handed over to the driver to assist other passengers.

  • Who can be contacted with questions, suggestions or criticisms?

    Our customer support team is responsible for responding to all questions and feedback concerning our services. Customer support enquiries can be made via support tickets in our app (under Feedback & FAQ in the app menu) or via e-mail at support@clevershuttle.de.

  • Who is liable if a CleverShuttle is soiled or damaged?

    The owner of the customer account or the passenger who caused the damage is liable for the costs arising from any intentional or unintentional defacing or wilful destruction of the vehicle for which said person is to blame.