Drivers wanted for the greenest shuttle in the world!

Our CleverDrivers introduce themselves

Schön, dass du Fahrer bei CleverShuttle werden willst! Unsere Fahrer heißen übrigens CleverDriver. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Komm an Bord und werde Teil unseres bunten Teams!

"Working at CleverShuttle fits perfectly into my life, as I have always been passionate about driving. It's even more fun with electric cars."

Name: Mandy

City: Dresden

Age: 31

Type of employment: Full-time

Besides CS: Gamemaster in an Escape Room

On board since: March 2019

Favourite destination: Schillerplatz

Favourite shift: Night shift

"CleverShuttle gives me the opportunity to combine family-time, a job and further career planning."

Name: Gabriel

City: Stuttgart

Age: 31

Type of employment: Part-time

Besides CS: Proud dad

Past: Historian/Biologist

On board since: July 2018

Favourite destination: Bismarckturm in summer

Favourite shift: Night shift

"I love talking to my passengers. I learn of the most interesting things!"

Name: Ingrid

City: Munich

Age: 64

Type of employment: Part-time

Besides CS: -

Past: Taxi driver for 13 years

On board since: April 2017

Favourite destination: Maximilianeum und Friedensengel, Englischer Garten

Favourite shift: Day shift

"I was and still am particularly interested in electric mobility. I wanted to drive an electric car even before I knew of CleverShuttle!"

Name: Bernhard

City: Berlin

Age: 66

Type of employment: Full-time

Besides CS: -

Past: IT Consultant and Project Manager

On board since: November 2016

Favourite destination: Rüdesheimer Platz in Wilmersdorf

Favourite shift: Day shift

"I just really like to drive. At CleverShuttle, I'm under so much less stress than in my old job."

Name: Suna

City: Berlin

Age: 40

Type of employment: Part-time

Besides CS: Voluntary work

Past: Bus driver

On board since: March 2018

Favourite destination: Stresemannstraße

Favourite shift: Night shift

"The best? Talking to a wide variety of passengers about even more diverse topics - you never know what and who is expecting you"

Name: Harry

City: Dresden

Age: 36

Type of employment: Full-time

Earlier: Software Developer

On board since: June 2019

Favourite destination: Südhöhe / Bergstraße

Favourite shift: Night shift

Our CleverDrivers benefit from these advantages

CleverShuttle Gute Bezahlung

Good payment

We pay you a fair salary, night surcharges and additional bonuses for exemplary driving. And you keep 100 % of your tips.

CleverShuttle Faire Arbeitsbedingungen

Fair working conditions

We want you to feel comfortable working for us. That's why you get generous vacation and every hour of overtime is paid.

CleverShuttle Maximale Flexibilität

Full flexibility

You can work with us as a mini-jobber, part-time, full-time or working student. If you want to work more or less hours, you can change at any time.

CleverShuttle Echter Teamgeist

Real team spirit

Shift work only works with a real team. That's why we do everything to make sure that our CleverDriver team is exactly that: a real team.

CleverShuttle Saubere Autos

Eco-friendly cars

With our electric and hydrogen cars you protect the environment. This is particularly well received by your passengers.

CleverShuttle Fortschrittliche Mobilität

Efficient mobility

Only a shared ride is a good ride. Our driver app ensures that you always have enough passengers. That's how tomorrow's mobility works. 

Green blood runs through our veins

We offer our drivers safety and security

Our drivers are permanently employed and trained by our CleverShuttle Coaches. They also have regular holidays and all overtime is paid. Because safety is not only important behind the wheel.

We best arrive together

In a CleverShuttle, everyone should feel comfortable – both our passengers and our drivers. That's why we place great value in a friendly and respectful service.

We make cities a better place to live

With our green fleet, we want to rid cities of noise and exhaust fumes. Our RidePooling system also ensures that there are fewer cars on the roads and that parking spaces are freed up for new living space.

"Our CleverDrivers are the heart of CleverShuttle. We want our employees to feel comfortable. Listening to each other and a regular exchange is therefore very important to us".

Jan Hofmann, COO

You want to become CleverDriver too? Apply today for one of our locations!

We are always looking for friendly and motivated drivers at our locations in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Leipzig and Kiel. Apply here online for one of our locations. The application is uncomplicated and takes only a few minutes.

We are looking forward to your application!

What other applicants have asked

How do I get paid?
You are paid per hour. The hourly rate consists of a fixed base amount, night surcharges, a bonus for exemplary driving and your tip. You can find the exact amounts in the job description of the respective location.

What shifts are there?
Our drivers work in a four-shift system, consisting of early, middle, late and night shifts. The exact times depend on the location and will specified during the application process.

Are you a taxi company?
CleverShuttle is not a taxi company. We are a RidePooling shuttle licensed as a rental car company. We offer our customers a particularly favourable price and protect the environment.

Do I need a passenger transport document (P-Schein)?

Yeah, our drivers all need a “P-Schein”. But don't worry, we will support you with the application. Once you have applied, we will discuss the exact details of this licence with you personally.

Do I need experience in passenger transport?

No. You don't have to have been a taxi driver, a bus driver or a chauffeur in the past. Among our drivers are former painters, market researchers and innkeepers, some study on the side or make music. You will then learn everything you need to know about passenger transport with us. 

What happens after I have applied?
Once we have thoroughly looked over your documents, we’ll call you back. If the phone call goes well, we will invite you to get to know us personally. We will then discuss everything else with you personally.