Team: Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects

Every day, we are engaged in rethinking the mobility of tomorrow. In the strategic projects team, we support the leadership team in defining our corporate strategy and establish the processes that will enable us to achieve our corporate goals.

What does the CleverShuttle the strategic projects team stand for?

We primarily focus on future topics. We are responsible for our corporate strategy, for goals and key results. We also take care of organizational development and projects that are not directly related to our core business. For all CleverShuttle projects, we make sure that the initiatives fit our corporate strategy. Within our team, we pursue our goals independently and on a project-by-project basis, while always working closely with various stakeholders.

My colleagues and I develop strategies that bring public mobility forward in a very concrete way. At the same time, CleverShuttle offers me the optimal environment for personal development and learning.

Jana Dargel
Team Lead Strategic Projects

SP Jana Dargel
MG 5675

What distinguishes the strategy team at CleverShuttle from other strategy teams?

We deal with a wide range of topics, which is why we always have several projects running at the same time! Those who work in our Strategic Project Team need many different skills. Emotional intelligence, technical, analytical and communication skills and a good understanding of our business and the market are particularly important. The best thing about our job: We have a lot of room to contribute our own ideas and can thus directly help shape our company.

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