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Team Business Intelligence

Data-driven mobility is the future - and it is already happening. Our Business Intelligence Team is using its analytics to make public transportation more convenient, reliable and sustainable. Find out why our work at CleverShuttle is unique.
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What makes the Business Intelligence team at CleverShuttle special?

Our team is highly specialized and interdisciplinary. We are responsible for company-wide data analysis, methods, processes, reporting, and the entire infrastructure of our tools. To do this, we work with the latest data analysis techniques and warehousing technologies (Amazon Web Services (AWS) for example).

What are the responsibilities of the Business Intelligence Team?

We primarily solve forecasting and optimization problems, such as demand volatility and the optimal deployment of our drivers and dispatchers. To do this, we use open source analysis frameworks written for R and Python. Our work is an important part of our strategic initiatives within our OKR goals, but it also contributes important information to ad hoc projects.

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By doing what I love - processing data - I can preserve what is important to me: namely, the future of our planet. At CleverShuttle, I can combine my professional ambitions with an inspiring vision.

Armin Raupbach
Director Business Intelligence

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What distinguishes the Business Intelligence team at CleverShuttle from other Business Intelligence teams?

The mobility industry is largely dominated by traditional planning and optimization approaches. We, on the other hand, are fully committed to digital, advanced analytics. On-demand transport is fundamentally changing public transport, and our work contributes directly to this. With our traffic and operational analyses, we actively support our partners in planning on-demand transport and provide them with a new perspective on the potential of modern public mobility services.

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