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Our team is passionate about the mobility of the future and inspires others to do the same. The Marketing, Sales and Communications team is all about connecting with lots of people and creating new opportunities for CleverShuttle.

What makes the Business Development team at CleverShuttle special?

We are an interdisciplinary team that combines Marketing, Sales, Key Account Management and Communications. By identifying growth opportunities for CleverShuttle, we create the basis for the sustainable and profitable growth of our company. We ensure that CleverShuttle remains present, increases its brand awareness and further establishes itself in the public mobility market. Our team areas work independently on their tasks, but we remain closely networked through regular team meetings.

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For the mobility turnaround to succeed, you need not only innovative solutions, but also people who make them known. We find the right partners for CleverShuttle and inspire them to act. This is an important task that our team performs with passion.

Cordula Funk
SeniorCommunications & Public Affairs Manager

Cordula Funk
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What distinguishes the business development team at CleverShuttle different from other business development teams?

Being part of the business development team means being part of a unique journey towards less private transport and CO2 emissions. You have the unique opportunity to be part of a market that has not yet fully developed and that has so much more to offer that is currently undiscovered - we'll just say autonomous driving.

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