About us

About us

Together we make cities more livable.

Three friends – one idea

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"Our environmentally-friendly RidePooling shuttles are intended to be a genuine alternative to cars in the city and to complement local public transport in areas where the supply does not meet the demands of the people. We want to reduce traffic, CO2 emissions, and noise as well as offer a form of mobility that is not only comfortable, but also cost-effective at the same time. We are convinced that we can make our cities more livable this way."
Jan (COO), Bruno (CEO) and Slava (CTO)

Bruno, Jan, and Slava founded CleverShuttle in Berlin in 2014.

Before CleverShuttle, Bruno and Jan studied economics, most of the time abroad, and then gained professional experience while working for Coca-Cola and Deutsche Bahn. Slava used to work as a mathematics graduate in the IT consulting sector. By founding Clever-Shuttle, the three have made their wish to found a company together come true.

Our mission: Together we make cities more livable.

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We offer fair mobility

Thanks to RidePooling, friendly people not only share the shuttle, they also share the fare. This, in turn, allows comfortable mobility at economical prices.

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We reduce traffic

Our RidePooling service unites passengers with a similar destination and offers people a genuine alternative to a car of their own.

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We improve the air

Thanks to our fleet of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles operated with green electricity, the rides are emission-free and especially quiet.



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